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Main » 2009 » June » 21 » How to Buy a Car With Credit Challenges

How to Buy a Car With Credit Challenges
5:40 PM

It's a buyer's market right now they say, but if you don't have a job, what then? Lots of people have great credit and they can buy what they want when they want it, but if you're like thousands of other Americans right now your laid off or just out of work, the problem is life goes on and you need a good car to get you around, maybe to look for a job or to get you kids to school. So here are a few simple things to keep in mind if you're looking for a car loan.

1.       Be realistic about the price range of the auto.

2.       Get your info together before you look, know your credit score before you shop.

3.       Don't let everyone run your credit that can cost you points that you need.

4.       Don't get emotionally attached to your auto before you finish the deal; be prepared to walk out of the dealership at least once if the deal doesn't work for you.

5.       Make them work for the deal.

Another real issue is the down payment, car dealers need this cash to make the deal work but they have other places to get the cash that they don't talk about too much. If you don't have cash for the down payment then look for a dealer offering cash back, they can use this for the down payment so you keep yours! I'm not saying you can't buy without cash but it's going to come up every time. If your credit score is over 700 then you can do just about whatever you want but if your below 680 then maybe not. It's true that it can be a hassle but unless you have cash to buy the auto you want out right then you have to play the game.

If you have been turned down do to credit score then I have located a company that will work with you if you're over 18 and a US citizen, also for the best way to get your hands on a free credit report instantly online, go hereand take a look for all the other info I have put together.

Thanks and good luck

Paul Rush

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